Top 20 Funny Birthday Quotes

Top 20 Funny Birthday Quotes

Funny Birthday Quotes

Age is just a number and yours is not listed

The best way of remembering the birthday of your wife is by forgetting it just once

People say age is only in your mind but you need to master the trick of letting it slip down your body

People say you will not lose your mind even after growing older but what is not said is you won’t miss your mind too much

Time and tide don’t wait for men but time stands still always for thirty years old women

Aging is considered as the best option for you for living a long life

Your birthday is the beginning of your journey of 365 days around the sun so enjoy your trip to the fullest

Birthdays are excellent for you as according to statistics, people celebrating more birthdays tend to live longer

Wisdom not always comes with ages but age generally shows up all by itself

The only way of knowing that you are getting old is when you have to pay more for the candles than the cake itself

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